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When it comes to consulting, Jay Johnston is the ultimate consumer advocate. Jay utilizes a creative consulting process to help clients achieve spectacular results. Problem solving is Jay's unique specialty and he is known around the industry as “The Insurance Detective”.

Here is just a sample of work performed in Jay's consulting practice:

Insurance Audit/Summary Review
Dear Jay:

Your advice on safety compliance and insurance issues has helped us gain control of the process.

The articles in LP Gas Magazine and The Safety Leader Newsletter continue to be informative.

Thanks for helping us to achieve safe growth and protect our company.

Yours truly,

Steve Jorgensen
Jor-Gas, Inc.
Bid Management/Premium Negotiation
Cost Allocation Evaluation
Claims Management Audit
Safety Process Audit
Employee Training and Customer Communication Audit
Leadership Management

“Insurance Buying Process Out of Control”

As the "Insurance Detective" Jay helps level the playing field

As the "Insurance Detective"
Jay helps balance the scale


After reading a recent issue of “The Safety Leader” newsletter, the owner of a medium-sized business called Jay to ask: What exactly does a consultant do? Why do I need an insurance consultant? As Jay described the steps he takes to help owners control the insurance buying process – Jay was hired mid-sentence.

Upon review of the Summary of Insurance, provided by the insurance broker, Jay noticed a number of irregularities in the work process that did not represent the best interests of the business or it’s owner. The problem was obvious. The insurance broker knew more about selling insurance than the client did about buying insurance.

By doing advanced research and asking tough questions of the broker Jay was able to “smoke out” issues that had been hidden from the light of day.

In this case, the issues included: Broker manipulation of quotes to favor a particular insurer, an undisclosed service fee, lax service standards and overall poor customer communication.

Consumer advocacy is the essence of consulting and this consumer desperately needed an advocate. The very act of the owner hiring Jay's services brought this broker to instant attention. While Jay had his attention, they discussed the assignment of markets for the coming year, minimum levels of expected service, the law regarding fee disclosure and the need for clearer communication.

The return on investment (ROI) for this client included disclosure of fees, future negotiation techniques, a better allocation of insurance markets and the foundation was laid for greater control in his upcoming insurance buying process.

Formerly unaware of choices, the business owner now feels in control of the process and will benefit greatly throughout the year from Jay's creative consulting services.

Visit Case Studies for more examples of how Jay helps his clients achieve safe growth everyday.

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